Maël Gay

Dr. rer. nat.

Research Assistant
Institute of Computer Architecture and Computer Engineering
Hardware Oriented Computer Science


+49 711 685 88290
+49 711 685 88288

Pfaffenwaldring 47
D-70569 Stuttgart

  1. 2024

    1. Locking enabled security analysis of cryptographic circuits. Devanshi Upadhyaya; Maël Gay and Ilia Polian. Cryptography 8, 1 (2024).
  2. 2023

    1. A modular open-source cryptographic co-processor for Internet of Things. Dina Hesse; Maël Gay; Ilia Polian and Elif Bilge Kavun. In To appear in Proceedings of Euromicro Conf. Digital System Design (DSD), Durres, Albania, 2023.
  3. 2019

    1. Automatic construction of fault attacks on cryptographic hardware implementations. Ilia Polian; Maël Gay; Tobias Paxian; Matthias Sauer and Bernd Becker. In Automated Methods in Cryptographic Fault Analysis, Jakub Breier; Xiaolu Hou and Shivam Bhasin (eds.). Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2019, pp. 151–170. DOI:
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