Thesis Topics, Study and Research Projects

The Chair of Semiconductor Test and Reliability (STAR) is always looking for highly motivated students who want to do a bachelor/master thesis, a study/research project or work as a student assistant.

If you are interessted in a bachelor/master thesis, a study/research project or work as a student assistant at our Chair, please contact us.

Ongoing Student Activities

Name Type of Work Title
Tarek Ashraf Research Project Hardware Acceleration for Neural Networks
Mahdi Benkhelifa Research Project Advanced Modeling for Ferroelectric Transistors
Jonas Wallmann Bachelor Thesis Exploration of Brain-Inspired Computing Methods
Austin Vas Study Project Machine Learning for Processor Efficiency Prediction
Wegdan Ali Mohammadin Bachelor Thesis Hardware implementation for Brain-Inspired Computing
Omar Hisham Bachelor Thesis FPGA Accelerators for DNN
Mohammed Fathy Bachelor Thesis Error Resiliency in Brain-Inspired Computing
Albi Mema Study Project Hardware Design for Compute-in-Memory
Simon Thomann Master Thesis Hardware Implementation for Brain-Inspired Computing
Munazza Said Master Thesis Radiation Effects in Advanced Technologies
Swathy Muthukrishnan Research Project Trojan Detection in Circuits
Divya Tyagi Research Project Modeling for Neural Networks
Daniel Bin Schmid Bachelor Thesis Brain-Computer Interface
Marvin Dostal Master Thesis DNN Acceleration through FPGA
Niranjan Ravi Research Project HW/SW Co-design for Brain-Inspired Computing
Karthik Pandaram  Research Project Machine Learning for Circuit Reliability
Gloria Sepanta Master Thesis FPGA Implementation for Brain-Inspired Computing
Isai Roman Ballesteros Student Assistant Approximate Computing for DNNs

Completed Student Activities

Name Type of Work Title
Sampath Garuda Research Project Plagiarism Detection using Hyperdimensional Computing
Giang Nguyen Research Project FeFET-based Processing-in-memory for Brain-Inspired Hyperdimensional Computing
Austin Vas Research Project Temperature Impact of Brain-Inspired Computing in Embedded Systems
Karthik Pandaram Student Assistant Machine Learning for Defect Classification
Meghana Iyer Research Project Efficient Implementation of Brain-Inspired Hyperdimensional Computing for Small-scale Systems
Marvin Dostal Research Project Efficient Neural Network Analysis
Swetha Murthy Student Assistant Brain-Computer Interface
Ram Sabarish Research Project Brain-Inspired Computing for Character Recognition using MNIST Digit Dataset
Austin Vas Student Assistant Brain-Inspired Computing
Swetha Murthy Research Project Brain-Inspired Computing for Hand Gesture Detection using Surface Electromyography
Jana Palaniswamy Student Assistant Circuit Reliability
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Hussam Amrouch

Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Head of Chair of Semiconductor Test and Reliability

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