Our research efforts

Key Research Interests and Fields

1. Machine Learning for Computer-Aided Design (MLCAD): Funded by Advantest

  • ML for Design for Reliability and Design for Testing.
  • ML for Circuit Thermal and Reliability Modeling.
  • ML for Transistor Compact Modeling.

2. Design for Reliability in Advanced Nanotechnologies Funded by Advantest

  • Advanced CMOS Technology: Nanosheet and Nanowire Transistors.
  • Device-Circuit Interaction: Transistor Aging, Self-Heating, Process Variation, Soft Errors
  • Reliability-Aware and Thermal-Aware System-on-Chip Design.

3. Approximate Computing for Deep Neural Network Acceleration: Funded by DFG

  • Approximate Computing for Efficient Implementation of Neural Processing Units.
  • Approximate Computing for Reliability Management.

4. Design for Security for Cyber-Physical Systems: Funded by ONR U.S.

  • Reliability Degradation-induced Security Threats.
  • Short-Term Circuit Aging for Hardware Trojan Detection.

5. Emerging Technologies for Future Computer Architectures

  • Post-CMOS Technology: Negative Capacitance Transistor (NCFET).
  • Novel Non-Volatile Memories: Ferroelectric FET (FeFET).
  • In-Memory Computing and Neuromorphic Computing.

6. Thermal Management for Many-Core Processors

  • Advanced Cooling Solutions using Thermoelectric Devices.
  • Resource Management for System-Level Optimizations.


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Semiconductor Test and Reliability,
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