Computational Imaging Systems

The Department of Computational Imaging Systems is focused on 3D imaging and image processing, 3D computed tomography and imaging sensor technology. The algorithms of these topics are implemented in parallel in software using OpenCL for GPUs and for multi-core CPUs. In the area of imaging sensing, hardware architectures using the modeling language VHDL for FPGAs are developed and investigated. The area of algorithms for computational imaging is highly data-intensive, especially in 3D, and requires data science methods such as deep neural networks (deep learning), novel compression techniques, and intelligent methods of image processing including hardware acceleration using GPUs or FPGAs. In the field of computed tomography, algorithms for improved 3D imaging and 3D image processing as well as their application in the natural sciences (e.g. physics) and engineering sciences (mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering) are of particular interest. One example is the non-contact and non-destructive extraction of electromagnetic simulation models from 3D computed tomography data of inaccessible structures in the packaging of electronic systems (examples: IC packages, 3D integration). If you are interested, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities of 3D imaging and will use our in-house 3D computed tomography system for your modeling needs (email: 

For students we offer interesting bachelor, master as well as research work including specialized studies, StuPros or student assistant jobs (HIWI), email:, phone 0711-685-88390 (secretary's office).

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Sven Simon

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