CONFIRM: Automated Firmware-Generation for Application-specific Electronic Systems

In many application fields firmware turns out to be a critical design factor. The variety of tasks and rising requirements to the firmware are leading to high design complexity and rising costs. Consequently, the firmware has to be flexible in order to deal with different use-cases and application scenarios. At the same time, it has to be adjustable to changing hardware parameters as well as altering configurations of system and architecture.

In this context, CONFIRM investigates key aspects for the realization of a seamless and automated firmware generation process in close cooperation with the involved industry partners. This includes model-based firmware specification with the ability of automated firmware composition from software libraries while real-time ability and power consumption are optimized with respect to given application scenarios and the hardware and memory architecture at hand.

The University of Stuttgart contributes to CONFIRM with firmware generation methods for an optimized memory management. For this, static and dynamic optimization concepts are being investigated that minimize the power consumption of the memory subsystem under the consideration of timing budgets and peak power constraints. In order to implement obtained optimization results, automated firmware generation methods for memory management are being researched.

Martin Radetzki

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Chair of Embedded Systems

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