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Hardware Verification and Quality Assessment (HVQA)

Kernveranstaltung der Vertiefungslinie Rechnerarchitektur im Diplomstudiengang Informatik.
INFOTECH: 3L+1E, 3rd semester course.


Microelectronic systems are more and more used in mission critical applications such as automotive, avionics and medical systems. Since errors during the design as well as manufacturing defects in these systems cannot be completely avoided system correctness has to be verified or validated with highest confidence.

This lecture gives an introduction to design validation and verification techniques which are applied in different steps of the design flow of integrated circuits. A second focus of the lecture are manufacturing test methods for integrated circuits in order to detect structural defects introduced during the production of the chip.

In the lecture the following issues will be addressed:
  • Design validation
  • Formal verification methods
  • Defect analysis
  • Hardware test
  • Diagnosis of failures
News / Announcements
  • Starting from Oct 22, all lectures and exercises take place in our seminar room 3.175 (Pfaffenwaldring 47).

Time and Space:
Staff list:
Examiner/Lecture: Prof. H.-J. Wunderlich
Lecture/Exercises: Dipl.-Inf. S. Holst

The lecture slides and additional material can be downloaded from this website. Please use the login and password provided in the lecture for the download. Relevant to the examination are the contents of the lecture and exercises, not the slides alone. The times and dates of future lectures are subject to change. Changes are announced in the lectures.