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Advanced Processor Architecture


This lecture covers advanced concepts in computer architecture. Beside classical concepts like processor design and manufacturing, performance evaluation and optimization, and computer arithmetic new trends are discussed like low power design. Low power design is essential in mobile computing and communication which is expected to be a dominating application of microprocessors in a few years.

Computation power is increasing by exploiting parallelism on all levels of computation. In this course we will discuss instruction level parallelism, thread level parallelism and multiprocessor systems.

The lecture provides a solid background for the courses:

  • Design & Test of Systems-on-a-Chip
  • Hardware Verification
  • Self-Testable Systems
  • Fault Tolerant Systems


The results of the examination are available at our institute. Exam discussion will take place on friday, september 28th 9:00-10:00 in our seminar room ITI-3.175.

Course Information

INFOTECH: 3L+1E, 3rd semester course.



  • Mondays, 15:45-17:15, Lecture in room V38.03
  • Thursdays, 15:45-17:15, Lecture/Exercises in room V38.03

Date Day of weekTime Room Information
23.04.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Scope of Computer Architecture, Technology
26.04.2007Thursday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Technology
30.04.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Power and Performance
03.05.2007Thursday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Power and Performance
07.05.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Exercises: Discussion of problem sheet for chapter 2: Technology
10.05.2007Thursday 15:45-17:15V38.03Exercises: Discussion of problem sheet 1 for chapter 3
14.05.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Power and Performance
17.05.2007Thursday Holiday
21.05.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Exercises: Discussion of problem sheet 1 for chapter 3 (Tobias Bergmann)
24.05.2007Thursday 15:45-17:15V38.03Exercises: Discussion of problem sheet 2 for chapter 3 (Tobias Bergmann)
28.05.2007Monday Holiday
31.05.2007Thursday Holiday
04.06.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Technology Scaling, Computer Arithmetic
07.06.2007Thursday Holiday
11.06.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Computer Arithmetic
14.06.2007Thursday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Computer Arithmetic
18.06.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Computer Arithmetic
21.06.2007Thursday 15:45-17:15V38.03Exercises: First discussion of problem sheet for chapter 5
25.06.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Computer Arithmetic
28.06.2007Thursday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Computer Arithmetic, Memory Hierarchy
02.07.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Memory Hierarchy
05.07.2007Thursday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Parallelism
09.07.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Exercises: Second discussion of problem sheet for chapter 5
12.07.2007Thursday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Parallelism
16.07.2007Monday 15:45-17:15V38.03Lecture: Parallelism
19.07.2007Thursday 15:45-17:15V38.03Exercises: Discussion of problem sheets for chapter 5 and 7
30.07.2007Monday 10:00-11:30V55.21Examination


Here you can download the latest revisions of the lecture slides and additional material using login and password given in the first lecture. If you find any errors or typos, drop me a mail. I'll correct them and publish new revisions here.