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(Haupt-)Seminar: Designing High Performant Systems: Statistical Timing Analysis and Optimization



The meetings will be held Tuesdays at 09:45am in building 47 room 3.175.
Attendance is required for all students.



Traditional methods of timing analysis for digital circuits are based on worst-case estimations of gate and network delays which are intervals given as input parameters to critical path analysis. For current and future technologies in 90 nm and beyond this approach is no longer feasible and a fundamental paradigm shift is necessary.

Here, the functionality of essential components is determined by only few atoms so parameters such as switching speed and power consumption vary heavily. Reasons for this are not just production tolerance because of resolution limitations in lithography but also physical quantum effects.

For this reason modern design tools model physical structures and parameter as random variables, compute random variables for the behavior of components and finally random variables of the whole system.

In this seminar all steps of modern statistical design, of timing analysis and of statistical test for highest integrated circuits using data mining will be covered. Presentations may be given in German or English.



#TopicPreliminary DateSupervisorNameReportSlides
0First Meeting25.04.2006Günter Bartsch slides
1Introduction: Variations and their Impact on Performance16.05.2006Stefan HolstEva Schurer report presentation
2Monte Carlo Techniques, Process Variation Modeling16.05.2006Michael ImhofOzan Kasimoglu report presentation
-Statistic Feature Extraction20.06.2006Christian Zöllin
3Performance Modeling20.06.2006Tobias BergmannWeining Hao report presentation
5Average System Performance Evaluation using Marcov Chains27.06.2006Prof. RadetzkiWeiyun Lu report presentation
6Real Time Calculus for Analysis of System Performance Bounds27.06.2006Prof. RadetzkiLingyun Li report presentation
4Block- and Path-Based Timing Analysis04.07.2006Stefan HolstArtur Bachner
7Parameter-Space Techniques, Bayesian Networks04.07.2006Christian ZöllinHai Ninh Quyen
8Statistical Power Analysis18.07.2006Tobias BergmannDongyan Hao
9Existing Tools and their Limitations18.07.2006Guenter BartschYang Kong

General Material

Literature References for the Topics