Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hussam Amrouch

Jun.-Prof. Hussam Amrouch joined ITI heading the Chair of Semiconductor Test and Reliability (STAR)

20. Juli 2020

Dr.-Ing. Hussam Amrouch has recently joined the Institute of Computer Architecture and Computer Engineering as a Junior Professor heading the Chair of Semiconductor Test and Reliability (STAR) that has been newly created at the University of Stuttgart.

He earned in 06.2015 his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science (Dr.-Ing.) from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with distinction, summa cum laude. After which, he had created and led a new research group at KIT called “Dependable Hardware”. The research focuses of his group aimed at covering the major areas across the computing stack starting from semiconductor physics and circuit design all the way up to computer architecture, and computer-aided design. In particular, he has been focusing in the last few years on emerging technologies beyond current CMOS for future computing as well as on design for reliability for advanced technology nodes. His research group has actively published in both areas at the transistor level like IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices and IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium as well as at the system level like IEEE Transactions on Computers.

Dr. Amrouch will be part of the Graduate School Intelligent Methods for Test and Reliability within the University of Stuttgart, where he will be funded by two research projects in the area design for reliability and testing for advanced technology nodes.

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