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(Haupt-)Seminar: Reliable Networks-On-Chip in the Many-Core Era


The exponential performance increase of a single core has come to an end. Many multi-core-processors are already available on the market. In the next years this trend will continue towards hundreds of cores on a single die which imposes new challenges. Current interconnection approaches like buses and crossbar switches will not be efficient anymore and new interconnection schemes are needed.

Network-on-Chip (NoC) is a multi-hop on-chip interconnection network that usually features packet switching and a regular topology. A variety of different NoC architectures are currently being investigated, with different flow control, routing algorithms, and network topologies.

Beside these functional aspects, future NoCs will have to deal with massive defects, production variations, ageing effects, crosstalk and single event upsets, leading to permanent, intermittent, and transient faults that affect NoC communication.

In this seminar, the students learn, how different design decisions and alternatives influence properties like reliability, power, area and performance.



Topics and Schedule

  • Tuesday, 9:45-11:15 in room ITI-3.175 (Pfaffenwaldring 47)

#TopicPreliminary DateSupervisorNameReportSlides
Preparation Meeting11.02.2009 slides
0Introduction to Networks-on-Chips28.04.2009Radetzki/Kohler slides
1Fault classification and fault tolerance metrics for NoC12.05.2009ImhofTassawer Amin report slides
2Reliability trade-offs against power and performance19.05.2009ImhofNenad Stankovic report slides
3Offline test and diagnosis of NoCs09.06.2009HolstTarek Zaki report slides
4NoC monitoring and error detection09.06.2009KohlerJie Hou report slides
5Online diagnosis of NoCs16.06.2009HolstSebastian Klotz report slides
6Structural fault-tolerance on the NoC circuit level16.06.2009ImhofDinesh Kumar Ravindran report slides
7Self-calibrating asynchronous NoC links23.06.2009HolstMathan Kumar Gopal Samy report slides
8Error correction techniques on NoC protocol layers23.06.2009KohlerAhmed Garamoun report slides
9Deadlock-free reconfiguration strategies30.06.2009KohlerFarhan Rashid report slides
10Fault-adaptive routing30.06.2009KohlerZaheer Ahmed report slides
11Fault-tolerant NoC topologies07.07.2009BraunTaresh Sharma report slides
12Resource replacement strategies in many-core architectures14.07.2009BraunAhmed Hanafy report slides
13-21.07.2009 slides

General Material