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TSS 2018

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The Test Spring School 2018

The European Test Symposium (ETS'18) offers the 3 days Test Spring School (TSS@ETS 2018, May 25 - 28) for Ph.D. and M.Sc. students who will be introduced into modern safety and security technology. Renowned experts will give lectures and will cover the main challenges of safety and security of today's hardware infrastructures. The spring school also offers the state of the art design, test, verification and validation techniques tackling safety and security. The spring school will give the opportunity to earn credits and a certificate by passing an exam online. The spring school is open for registered students at a moderate fee and welcomes also industrial professionals at a higher rate.

The overall theme of this year is Hardware Safety and Security. The first two lectures cover hardware functional safety including design, verification, validation and test. The third and fourth lectures cover hardware security, cryptographic hardware essentials and security threats of hardware infrastructures. One of the last two lectures covers in-system runtime test for functional safety whereas the other lecture covers authentication side channel attacks and intrusion in the context of hardware security.

Please visit: http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/ets18/TSS/


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