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Design-Time Optimization Techniques for Low-Power Embedded Memory Subsystems

Kategorie: Open Seminar - Embedded Systems, WS 18/19

9:45 - 10:30 am, FZI 1.021, M.Sc. Manuel Strobel, Institut für Technische Informatik

The power consumption of embedded devices is of vast importance in many application fields. Steady miniaturization of logic, on the one hand, and increasingly data-hungry applications, on the other hand, cause memory and memory subsystem to grow in size but also in terms of power consumption. For that reason, a highly power-efficient design of the embedded device, but especially the memory subsystem, is of high interest and thus subject to intensive research. This contribution gives an overview of static power-aware optimization techniques as developed at the Chair of Embedded Systems/University of Stuttgart. The presented methods facilitate the power-optimized design of embedded memory subsystems and allow for direct integration with common Hardware/Software Codesign workflows.


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