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RA - Master Theses

Our institute always searches for motivated students who want to do a "Softwarepraktikum", bachelor or master thesis.

Regarding "external" thesis please notice the following information:
Information regarding "external" master theses

Regarding "Softwarepraktika" the topic strongly depends on the wants and haves of the students. Therefore we do not have a list of specified topics but strongly encourage all interested students to either contact the staff or the professor.
Possible topics cover areas like extension of existing in-house EDA-tools, development of applications for specific problems, studies on problems concerning state of the art algorithms in the fields of electronic design automation, diagnosis and test.

In this following list you will find open topics for bachelor or master theses.
Please follow the links to get more information on the topics and contact persons. Most of the topics are embedded into industrial cooperations and research projects.
You are invited to come up with your own ideas. Thesis may be written in English or German.





Development of a Runtime System for Simulations on Runtime Reconfigurable Heteregeneous and Approximate Computer Architectures

C. Braun /
A. Schoell


Modellierung von Verbindungsleitungen in GPU-beschleunigter Switch-Ebenen Simulation

E. Schneider


Systematische Parameter Extraktion zur Akkuraten Simulation auf Switch-Ebene

E. Schneider


Frequency Optimization for Hidden Delay Fault Testing with Monitor Reuse Framework

C. Liu


Multi-level Simulation of Secure Accesses in Reconfigurable Scan Networks

A. Atteya

A list of all theses completed in this institute can be found here.



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